Philosophising over a sunset in Cambridge, MA.  

Hello! I am a PhD candidate in history and philosophy of science at Queens' College, University of Cambridge, UK, specialising in philosophy of physics and philosophy of mathematical modelling. In my thesis, I will focus on the question "What is Temperature, Really?", a question that is motivated by a) the presence of multiple (and often incompatible) definitions of temperature when the concept of temperature is extended to non-equilibrium regimes, and b) the growing importance of modelling heat flows in non-equilibrium regimes at scales (e.g., nano-scale) where the  conceptual extensions of temperature lose their precise and unified meaning. I am generously funded by PhD scholarships from the Cambridge Trust and the Queens' College.     

I became interested in philosohpical questions during my first, and recently completed, PhD in applied mathematics at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, where I worked on foundations of applied topology. In this PhD, I looked into the question as to whether topological models of dynamical and complex systems contain enough information to explain their features 'non-causally'. During this PhD, I honed my philosophical skills by holding visiting PhD studentships at the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and at the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge, UK, and a research fellowship at the Institute Vienna Circle, University of Vienna.   

My approach to philosophical questions, so far, has been driven by a careful and detailed examination (and synthesis) of cutting-edge research in different domains of engineering and applied mathematics. For instance, see 

I am also interested in Buddhist philosophy (as applied to mathematical realism), Indian astronomical traditions and their parallels with modern philosophy.

Travelling, dogs, mountains, photography, DJing electronic music, long drives and table tennis keep me in good company when not doing philosophy.       

Rays of Hope, Lake Garda, shot in the Italian Alps