Not so distinctively mathematical explanations: topology and dynamical systems 

2022, Synthese [Springer]

(Jha, A., Campbell, D., Wilson, P. & Montelle, C.) 

This paper argues that distinctively mathematical explanations are actually causal explanations in disguise because they sneak in reasoning about particular forces in the associated conditional.  

A mathematical model of Dignaga’s hetu-cakra 

2020, Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research [Springer] 

This paper provides a formulation to deconstruct styles of analogical reasoning in Indian philosophy.  

In Progress

[under review] Is Temperature a Continuous Function?

(With Campbell, D., Montelle, C. & Wilson, P.)

This paper dispels the misconception that the continuity of temperature is necessary in a non-causal sense by examining evidence of inter-facial thermal resistance in phase transitions, in slip  ows and at material interfaces. It also highlights some fundamental challenges in the de nition of temperature in non equilibrium regimes.

Does topology provide sufficient structure for distinctively mathematical explanations?

(With Campbell, D., Montelle, C. & Wilson, P.)

This paper argues that assumptions such as continuity or smoothness employed in a topological explanation are realised in the physical world only as contingent causal facts and packaging such assumptions in the conditional of a purported DME amounts to manipulating a run-of-the-mill causal explanation to appear like a non-causal explanation.

A Buddhist take on mathematical modelling

(Proceedings of the University of Cambridge Postgraduate Conference: Dynamical Encounters Between Buddhism and the West)

This paper argues that a perspectival, contextual and mind-dependent view of mathematical models can be read closely to the ontological middle ground proposed by Buddhist philosophers like Nagar- juna, where no concept exists independently of human thought. 

The tale of a medieval Indian scroll: mathematical discoveries

(Part of a University of Canterbury project on the history and mathematics of medieval astronomical scroll.